Friday, March 12, 2010

Surgery Two Ankle Photos

We just watched Tulsa lose to UTEP at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was depressing. Tulsa had a nice run at the end of the game to bring it close. But they blew it! How could they do this? I'm injured, looking forward to March Madness, and now my favorite team has no chance of making it to the dance!

I have pictures of my leg from today.

Here is where they made the incision for the second surgery. If you look carefully, there are several holes on the left side of my ankle and foot. That is where he did some drilling.

Here's an update on the so-called Friendship Scar. And you can see the bullet hole wound left by the external fixator rod that was in my heel bone. This is one of my favorite pictures. If you look up close, you'll see the odd colored oozing coming out of the middle of the incision site. Normal? Who knows. Awesome? Yes, correct.

Update: The odd colored oozing coming of of the middle of the incision site is, in fact, skin necrosis. This is bad. It essentially means that the skin has died. I'm so glad I hit that tree.

The last three pictures, I think, explain why I might have been in quite a bit of pain since the surgery. Don't freak out, that's not a pile of skin just below my foot. It's extremely bloody gauze from the splint.

There are three or four holes in the left side of my foot and ankle. It's where the surgeon drilled in some of the screws to secure some of the tibia pieces to the plate. As I was swelling, all the good things in my foot drained out of those holes into the splint.

I have yet to take a look at the post-op report. Brooke won't let me. She's afraid it will increas my pain. She's probably right.


  1. By the looks of that ankle TU isn't the one not going to a dance. I hate to say it but you win. Your broken bones are worse then mine. A title I've held in my family for 42 years. Dad

  2. Did you have to include the photos with the oozy, gooey drainage chunks?? Yikes! Betcha it smelled nice, too!

    Jenn K.

  3. Well, now you won't be the only one waking up every hour on the hour drenched in sweat. Thanks.

  4. Pretty, pretty Franken-foot. Gross me out!