Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've been booted!

I asked The Closer if I could be put in a boot instead of a soft splint today. This was for a few valid reasons. Riding the metro in a boot makes me look cooler. Boots are resistant to direct ankle kicks. And, a boot forces my ankle into a 90 degree position. I've been told 90 degrees are awesome.

Now, I thought my foot would sort of be eased into position over a few days using the boot straps. When I came into the office, I couldn't get my foot up that high without tearing skin, tendons, and muscle.

I was incorrect. We worked the foot into the boot. Surprisingly, my achilles tendon has not yet burst. I went through some hilarious pain afterwards.

The wounds haven't really improved, unfortunately.

The top incision is doing great, but see that red bubble poking out of my foot on the right? That's tissue from inside my foot that's popped out of that leaking hole. Yep, still leaking.

Everyone's reaction to these wounds were mixed. No one really knows if this is an improvement or if it will grow into a problem. We'll see!

Awesome leaking hole! You can see the red bubble here too.

While I was at the doctor, our beagle, Spunky, got her teeth cleaned today. Apparently the vet took before and after pictures. That explains the bill. We only feed Spunky candy.

For those of you that have not met our dog, her breath smelled amazing. And by amazing, I don't mean amazing.

Nice and clean! I haven't done a breath check yet, but I'm pretty sure this mouth now smells like roses.

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  1. Tony,
    You've been told 98 degrees are awesome, not 90 degrees. And Binoy is completely wrong about that.
    Nice boot, now get yourself a matching helmet.