Friday, March 19, 2010

NCAA Bracket Picker Tournament

On Monday, since I had nothing to do, I created an NCAA basketball tournament picker league on There were 21 people that signed up. It's a classic bracket tournament. Except the winner gets to Photoshop our friend, Binoy, and I'll post it up here.

He hates having no control over what pictures of himself wind up on the Internet. That might be why we're doing this to him.

Allow me to share with you some of the team names. My team name is Expert Snowboarder and Picker. I thought it was funny and well thought out, given that I'm currently tied for 3rd with 20 correct picks and I snowboarded into a tree.

I hate the Big East.

But let's see what some other friends of mine chose to name their teams:
  • Watch for Trees...
  • Unbroken Ankles
  • WillBreakYourAnkles
  • Big scary immovable tree
And these are some of my best friends? Another one of my best friends, Ken, picked his team name to be Ken. While very stupid, he and I have a creative bet that ends tonight. Well, actually, it's pretty stupid, too.

Ken (as seen above) and his lovely wife, Cari, live in Portland, Oregon. Brooke and I live here in our nation's capital. We made a bet before the NBA season started regarding each of our city's teams. Another one of my best friends, Andy, played a role in getting this bet to happen.

You know Andy. Click on any one of my posts' comments and you'll probably see something stupid he's written.

Back to the bet. The Portland Trailblazers and the Washington Wizards play twice this season.

The bet.

If your city's team sweeps (wins both games) the other team, the losing city representative must travel, with wife, to the winning city.

For those of you that don't follow the NBA, this was an awful bet for me to take. The Wizards are horrible. You've heard about them in the news, I'm sure. It probably involved guns.

The first game between these two fine teams occurred on January 18th at the Verizon Center here in DC. Amazingly, the Wizards dominated. I can't remember exactly, but i think we won by a lot. It was pretty brutal.

The last and final game started tonight at 10:00PM EST at Portland. If the Wizards win, we'll be seeing Ken and Cari in Washington, DC. If they lose, then nothing happens. I keep sitting here with a painful ankle writing stupid blog posts, waiting to heal and get back to work.

Just checked, the Wizards are up 4 to 0. Should be a good visit with Ken and Cari.

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  1. I'm 75% sure we're going to win at this point...but we'll see! Thanks for the shout-out! We appreciate it. We're thoroughly enjoying your blogging. If the Wizards lose we'll still come back to DC some time when you're healed up and we can go on a seven mile running tour of the city to celebrate. Or we can just take Segways...