Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Follow-Up Appointment Tomorrow

Our first follow-up appointment with The Closer is tomorrow morning. We'll be sure to grab some new pictures of the leg. I'll ask for the X-Ray images and post-op report as well. That should tell us more about the second internal fixator he installed into the bionic ankle. We'll be able to count the number of screws he used to fasten all of the fragments together.

We're in search for some answers about my fever and how to improve my sleeping. My sleeping right now is horrendous. I wake up every hour or so drenched in sweat. I'm hoping it's just a temporary inability for my body to regulate my temperature.

Finally, we'll develop a set of criteria for me to safely return back to work. As much as I like updating this blog and enjoying March Madness, I'd really like to get the ball rolling on returning back to a somewhat normal life.

Man, I cannot wait to see what this ankle looks like. It is going to be so disgusting!

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  1. Good luck today son. You're in my thoughts. Love Dad