Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Returned from Doctor's Office

I had my doctor's appointment this morning. Instead of seeing The Closer, I saw two of The Closer's Physician Assistants, Kim and Josie. They were extremely nice and very cool. Josie walked in and asked, "so you're the snowboarder?" Yep. I'm that idiot that snowboarded into a tree. Come check out my gross leg!

So how did it go?

Well, it had its good parts and its bad parts. Brooke uses Zipcar and got one of their cars for a few hours. On the way to the appointment, Brooke had to stop short due to some traffic in front of us. This, in turn, caused one of the backseats, the kind that can fold down, to come loose and hit my injured ankle. This, in turn, caused me to scream bloody murder.

It was hilarious.

I was then forced, against my will, to take a 2 mg dilaudid (pain medication). So much for quitting opiates. I shouldn't have screamed like that. Dang it. Later on I was happy I got it. My ankle got manhandled.

I chose to go this time without the wheelchair. I wanted to test my endurance on crutches. I barely made it down my hallway before I died. I'm extremely out of shape! This was my first sign that I may not be ready to return to work.

Once I was called in, my leg was unwrapped. I have to warn you, what you're about to see is exceedingly gross. Of all the pictures we've taken thus far of my leg, I've found these the hardest to look at. I don't know why. Others may think differently. We'll see.

This is Ashley taking my leg splint and dressings off. So far, so good, right? You can see the top incision from my last surgery. It actually looks good. But what about that stuff on the left side of my foot? How about we get closer?

YES! That is gross. As you can see, my ankle is still draining. I've apparently continued to leak gross things out of my ankle.

Yep. Gross leakage.

I no longer have a calf muscle. It's atrophied like crazy.

Here's the right side of my foot. Remember last time, how we were a bit worried about skin necrosis? Well, the good news is I don't have it.

The awesome news is I now have these two giant open wounds instead. Both the PAs and Brooke said it looked great. In fact, Brooke said it is supposed to look like ground beef inside. Well, I guess it does. Delicious!

Here's the final picture. My top incision without any staples. Every single one of them were removed, along with a few stitches.

I've got a video of my staples being removed. It's awesome. As soon as YouTube is done processing it, I'll post it.

So at first, they told us I was going to be thrown in a cast. But after a review of my open wounds, they decided to keep me in a soft splint. I have another appointment next week. I talked to my PAs about returning to work. We all decided I'm still a few weeks away.

Now we get to treat my wounds at home and re-wrap it after I shower. We neglected to tell them how often I currently shower. We might have to increase those coveted showers now.


  1. Tony your ankle looks great after kissing a tree, two surgeries and not getting any fresh air for 5 weeks. Your calf however looks like it did when you were ten. Except now you have a little bit more hair. Seriously it looks a whole lot better. Love ya Boy, Dad

  2. Tony,

    What bothers me is the biohazard symbol that you have in one of the photos. Does that mean your ankle is a hazard. That might be the reason you can't go to work. We discourage that sort of stuff at work. In fact I suspect that if you tried to go to work they would stop you at the gates and arrest you. Best you stay away a bit longer.


  3. I think what you have now is referred to as a cankle. No calf..no ankle...just a cankle. Yeah, man. That is gnarly. But I think it is looking better. Still prayin for you.
    Love you.