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  1. I just read your much as I could take! & watched the circle brace taken off your foot...OMG! Hopes and Wishes for your recovery and better health!..............Love, Cheryl

  2. Feel your pain - I am still recovering 4 Yrs and 10 surgeries after getting T boned by a person coming through a stop sign whilst riding my motorcycle to work. Totally ripped all the cartilage in my right leg from the knee down. Left with a non-functioning ankle that my still need to be amputated.

    Best of luck to you
    Mark Australia.

  3. Hey man, I really enjoy your blog. I had my right foot amputated about a week after you, also with an Ertl bridge. I didn't get the drain tho, and a hard cast before I even woke up.
    My experience has been so much less painful than the foot I had before, that seeing the pictures of what we went thru on that slab seems impossible that it brings me relief rather than pain.
    Good luck to you.

  4. Hey, So I broke my right ankle and had a chronic no-union, a bone infection, broke the plate and screws holing the fibula together and ended up with a BK SIMS amputation. Broke when I was 5 amputation when I was 14 in 1998. Was playing soccer by 15 in a prosthesis, fell and snapped my tibia in the prosthesis, it healed incorrectly and then just in 2011 had my tibia straightened out by re breaking it and fusing it with a rod running the length of my residual tibia. So now that I am 29 and have been an amputee for over half my life, having been through 22 surgeries, and learned how to walk all over again twice. I wished the internet was then what it is now so I could have documented it and published it as well as you have here. Good luck in the future.
    SF Bay Area

  5. Sounds like our stories are quite similar...other than the fact that I was injured at a college football game being a stupid fan. I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing some of our similarities. I just had my BKA on 9/3/13. Feel free to check out my blog if you're bored:

    Best of luck!
    Tampa, FL

  6. Had a bunh of limb salvage surgeries at G-Town in the late90s. Those guys were awesome. My doc is now with the Caps! I'm getting ready for AKA in Feb. at Cleveland Clinic. How did you get them to take those pics? Did you arrange ahead of time for the med student to open the ankle? I'd love to see what my trashed knee and ankle look like for real and not just on Xray! I know, creepy, right? But I think you get it!

    Hope all's well!
    please reply, Thanks

  7. I am very curious how your story ends. I have just spent the last two days visiting ankle specialists. I broke my ankle Trimalleolar fracture in April 2013 at roller derby and have one plate and 13 screws but since have developed post traumatic arthritis. It sounds like you may understand my pain. One doctor I went to said go ahead and do ankle replacement knowing it will only last 10 years. Then today's doctor told me only option is to do a fusion. Then see what my options are in 10-15 years down the road. So yes both are telling me a lifetime of surgery. UGH Although my fracture is not as bad as yours and I have not had near the amount of surgery, I am still very frustrated. In the past I walked to work every day for years and years now I can't even walk a few blocks. Running is done, but good news is I have learned to love lap swimming!
    Best Wishes to you,

  8. I would also like to know how your story ends. I read through your blog and I am wondering if you started riding again. You have a great story.

    Be in good health.