Monday, March 15, 2010

The Visitation Competition

As I mentioned in Visitation Hours, we have somewhat of a competition on our hands.  Not surprisingly, it's being dominated by a certain friend of ours known for her desire to win at every competition known to man -- even if it hasn't been thought of yet.

Before I display the current standings, let's go over the rules.  Family members are disqualified from participating in the visitation competition.  It's an unfair advantage.

Rule 1: If a visitor stays at our apartment one or more nights consecutively, the visitor is still only awarded one point.

Rule 2: In order for a visitation point to be valid, the visitor must consume at least one treat or gift food item.

Rule 3: Finally, only one visitation point can be earned during one day.  This means if a friend visits three times on a Tuesday, he or she is still only awarded one point.

And before I continue onto the standings, I'd just like to thank again The Breckenridge Team for their multiple visits in Frisco, Colorado.  You guys are awesome and gave both Brooke and me an uplifting and mustache-filled visit. 

You guys rock! You helped me get my recovery started on the right foot (I will continue to use this pun for at least one year).

Because you're all in Tulsa, I'm sorry you can't participate in the visitation competition up here in our nation's capital. But, you totally won the Colorado Visitation Competition hands down!  Congratulations!

Now on to the D.C. standings.

You'll probably need to click on the image to get a larger view of the other people, but I think we can all see that Alison has a substantial lead without clicking.

Now, I won't give away anything, but I will mention that multiple plans are in motion on the part of various competition players.  It's still anyone's game.

The game ends on my first day back to work, which at this point is still undecided.  It now looks like it will be sometime in April.

Please continue to respect our need to maintain scheduled visits.  Email works best.  This is necessary due to all of the doctors appointments I have and Brooke's schedule.

Now let the best man or woman win!


  1. March Madness, huh? I think we need to figure out how to make this into a bracket. Team competition or purely individual?

  2. I call BS on the standings. Alison has no other friends so she obviously shows up at your place everyday. I'm surprised you haven't started turning her away at the door.