Friday, March 19, 2010

Leg Update

Yesterday was awesome. I felt great all day. I had slept perfectly that night. I don't know if I've reported this yet or not, but I'm no longer fighting a fever. By reducing the medications I've been taking, both the fever and nightly sweats have been eliminated.

So this is basically my routine. I rest, ice (or bag of peas), compress, and elevate the leg every day and night. It doesn't really change that much. Sometimes I try crutching or wheelchairing out in the hallway for exercise.

Oh! We did just install a new Nerf basketball goal. It's the best!

Here, you can see me about to make another 3-pointer. Guarding me, a little too closely I might add, is my dog, Spunky. I'm using my gimp ankle to hold her off. And, ready for the Alley Oop, is my wife, Brooke. But that's just in case I air ball, which I didn't.

Last night, for some reason, was just awful. Sleep was hard to come by. And this evening was a little brutal with respect to pain. We've been weening myself off of the pain medications, and unfortunately, due to the pain breakthrough, we had to un-ween myself temporarily.

We had some visitors earlier today, and I felt fine while they were here. I don't think it had anything to do with them, though I'd love to blame one of the shorter visitors. By the way, for those of you participating in the visitor competition, updates will be made every Saturday.

While these moments have been happening since the first surgery, they do start to become less frequent and less painful. That's great! I can tell they're getting less frequent. I would like to go a few days, say four or five, without another breakthrough pain day. That would be awesome.

I'm healing, I think. I'm getting better and actually looking forward to getting my staples out. I'm even starting physical therapy on April 2nd.

I'm sure it's going to be extremely painful. I'm really looking forward to it.

During my next doctor's visit on the 23rd, I'm going to ask for permission to drop by work for a few hours just to say hello and get some of the pranks out of the way.

But, like we found out during the last visit, The Closer means business when it comes to my leg. He worked his butt off fixing it, and he doesn't want me to get so impatient that I do something stupid and set myself back months in healing.

He's got a point. But I really want to find out what my new nick name is at work.

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