Friday, March 12, 2010

Post-Op Appointment Completed

We just returned from our appointment at The Closer's office.


We learned a lot today. Not surprisingly, the ankle hurts. I'm at a 100% capacity in pain medications. I'm falling asleep between almost each word I type.

Therefore, you'll have to wait to see the detailed updates, which will include the awesome post-op report, pictures of the gross ankle, and X-Rays of the metal ankle of doom.

We did some counting. Two plates and nineteen screws! Oh, and don't run off thinking the plates are tiny. They're the opposite of tiny. Unfortunately, I have no mental capacity at the moment to think of a witty simile to help explain how big they are.

Oh, and I've already started a list to count the number of comments that go something like this, "when have you ever had a mental capacity?"

When I put the X-Rays up, you guys will need to double check my math. Like I said, 100%.

I also learned something that honestly scared me. According to Dr. Buchanan, I'm lucky I didn't lose the leg. Most people that had ankle injuries this severe received amputations.


I'm going to take a nap. I'm in a ridiculous state right now -- time to go unconscious.

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