Saturday, March 20, 2010

Visitation Competition Update

We had a number of friends come by this last week! It was a great alternative to what I do normally, which we all know by now is nothing.

As you can see, several friends are gaining up on our leader, Alison.

We had several visitors this week. Chris and Joe came by and made some awesome queso dip. We played some cards and had a good time. Ed from work and Lindsay from Nebraska came by to do their part to cheer me up. Ed even brought me some interesting gifts.

Among the many interesting gifts were some puzzles. Now, I've been away from work for a while, so maybe Ed forgot. I'm an idiot. I hit a tree snowboarding. How will I be able to solve a complex puzzle like this?

Thanks for the gifts, Ed!

We also had Crystal and Troy drop by to say hello. They couldn't stay long, both are in school and had homework to do.

What I'm about to tell you is fact. Troy's project tonight is to get one of our friends to drink 40 shots of beer and determine which shot is fresh beer and which shot is old (from Christmas) beer. Something tells me that after 30 shots, it won't matter. Most of our friend's faculties will be gone.

That's his statistics project. Approved -- no, endorsed by his professor.

Oh, wow. Rabbit ears. That's hilarious, Troy. Is Crystal flexing?

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  1. I was there today for an hour but you were sleeping! Your schedule is really throwing off my game, Meehan.