Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mema and Papa Go Digital!

My Dad stopped by my Grandparent's for dinner tonight and updated them on my whole ankle situation.

Mema and Papa refuse to join the rest of us on the Internet, so my family has constructed a whole complex system of communication to get information from Washington, D.C. to Claremore, Oklahoma, where my Grandparents now live. It involves family members with access to both email and vehicles capable of off-roading up to their home.

It's not a full proof system, but it works. Dad just sent me a photo of my Grandparents saying hello.

Welcome to the Internet, Mema and Papa!


  1. Your Papa thought I was going to mail this picture to you. Your Mema is a heck of a cook. They send a big hug and want me to tell you and Brooke that your both in their thoughts. You are also in mine. Love ya Boy. Dad

  2. Tell them we love them back! Do they know they're on the Internet now?