Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Day Alone

I found food. I found water. I didn't die.

Brooke was at work and Mom took off early this morning for the airport to fly stand-by. She's back, though. No openings all day.

My PAs yesterday recommended I start doing something other than sitting on my butt. I agreed. I tried some sit-ups. I got to 30. I tried some "girl" push ups. I got to maybe 5.

Now let me very quickly tell you why this makes me extremely mad. I was on my second attempt at the 100 push-ups goal. I was on week five and dominating. It took me maybe 9 weeks to get to week 5. I was even doing push-ups in Colorado, where there's practically no air. Now, as soon as I get back to work, I'm going to be made fun of, a lot.

I suppose there might be a joke or two in there about snowboarding into a tree. I earned that.

My appetite was awful this morning and throughout the day. But as soon as Brooke got home from work around 8:00PM, I chowed down. Hopefully I can keep that going. I think I've lost close to 30 pounds.

All muscle, of course.

Sweet new diet! Snowboard into tree and lose 30 lbs., guaranteed!


  1. One would think that with added 50 pounds of metal in you,you would have gained 20 pounds.(see this old brain can do higher math)Dad

  2. Tony, No comment on caps victory over penns...I'll leave that to Sam....YOUR HUMOR AND DETERMINATION WILL GET YOU THROUGH THIS TRYING RECOVERY.... Question? Who has more metal you or your dad??? Or are you titanium??? I don't think that even existed when your Dad got his "implant" use an OR nursing term. ma

  3. Wrong sis! The SR-71,the fastest air breathing aircraft in the world had a titanium surface. It started service in 1964. My implant surgery was in 1969. Yes it is titanium. Now they use plastics. Dad