Friday, March 5, 2010

Fighting a Fever Due to Super Swelling

Since the second surgery on Monday, I'm pretty sure everything below my right knee has swollen to at least 6 times its normal size. Take a look at a comparison of my amazing toes.

Now I know to most of you, this isn't normal. I mean, those toes are as long as most people's fingers. In fact, if I ever lost my pinky finger, here are five excellent candidates for its replacement. But let's get over the fact that these are fingers. This is what each of my toes should look like on a normal day.

The toes on my right foot are now little baby sausages. They're discolored due to the betadine that they were covered in after surgery to fight infection. This is basically the only part of my right ankle that we can see. And it's severely swollen.

In the last few days since I've returned from the hospital, I've been fighting a low-grade fever. The highest it's reached so far has been 101.8 F. The doctor's office told us today to check back in to the hospital if it gets to 102 F! The last thing I want to do right now is go back for another stay at the hospital.

One of the main concerns about swelling and running a fever is that there could be an infection somewhere in my ankle or lower leg. I'm on antibiotics, but they may or may not be doing the trick. Therefore, I've been drowning myself in Tylenol to combat this stupid fever. Presently, I'm sitting at a nice and cool 99.1 F.

Another concern with severe swelling is leakage. We found this bad boy hiding under the ace bandage earlier today. This is on the left side of my ankle. This really makes me think the next round of pictures of my leg are going to be amazing! I'm guessing this is drainage from the incision made to the top of my ankle.

I read somewhere online today that 70% of patients that suffer high-energy tibia plafond fractures end up with satisfactory results. That's great news! I'd take those odds any day.

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  1. Hey Tony! Saw your comment on my blog this morning and hopped over to yours....It's AWESOME that you have a sense of humer..."It's Essential" :) However, it's quite alright to admit that things are kind of "SUCKING" for you right now!! Feel free to vicariously "imagine" yourself 'running and jumping" right alongside my boys anytime you wish! Here's to your fever going away!!!