Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It Happens

It happens to everyone with a blog -- you eventually stop doing it.

I've had several people complain about the lack of updates. I've been working, doing physical therapy, and going to the gym quite a bit. My bad.

My ankle progress has been absolutely awesome. I just got back from physical therapy. We took a measurement of my dorsiflexion -- I'm at 11 degrees! My goal was 10, now I think 15 is in reach. It's great to see this progress. When we started, my physical therapist didn't think we'd get to 5 degrees. My big toe still needs some work to help reduce my limp.

I've been walking quite a bit. I don't use a cane that often. I'm still having pain issues and edema, but I can manage it with rest, ice packs and Aleve.

My last doctor's appointment is next Wednesday. It'll be a bittersweet end. We love the people there, but I think both Brooke and I are done with doctor's visits.

I'll continue doing physical therapy as long as I have more gains to make. I need to make a video of my ankle to compare the motion now to what it was 6 weeks ago.