Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Is Going To Suck. No, I'm Serious. It Is.

My Dad sent me some decals to make my boot faster. It was pointed out to me later on that I put some of them on in the wrong direction.

Brooke and I just returned from The Closer's office. We received some mixed news. The good news was I can now put about 25% of my weight on my ankle while wearing my boot.

The bad news is my wound is a jerk.

I'm scheduled to undergo vacuum assisted closure therapy and to receive an allotransplantation. Since my last visit, the wound has grown in length and appears to be struggling to close up. It looks healthy, but it needs help.

In a few days, I'll be carrying a portable vacuum with a tube running down to the wound. A sponge will be stuffed into the wound and covered with polyurethane to create a seal. The vacuum creates negative pressure in the wound, sucking all of the tissue together and enabling it to heal much faster.

I found a picture online of what the portable vacuum system looks like. A purse.

I received an email to this article from two different people a few weeks ago. To Chris and Greg: please send me another email about what will happen to me a few weeks from now. I'd like to know when all of these complications will end.

After the vacuum treatment is complete, I'll receive a skin transplant. It's called an allograft. I think the grafts are usually donated by the deceased.

The reason I'm having problems with this wound is due to that underlying tendon. When I pull my foot up, that tendon applies pressure against the wound, preventing it from closing up. I was also told to cool my jets on some of my dorsiflexion exercises that use that tendon.

Finally, as a precaution, I'm going to be back on the same antibiotic for two weeks.

I'm looking forward to about 4 months from now.


  1. Hey, of all the news you could have received, this sounds like pretty good news. Hang in there and it'll be over before you know it. -otter

  2. I am very familiar with the wound vac! My grandmother has had to have one twice. Both times after she had colon cancer removed via her stomach they had to use a wound vac on the incision on her tummy. Just be glad your wound isn't very big, hers went to pant waist to belly button, that's no fun. BUT the wound vac does the job and it will be SUPER helpful for your recovery. Sorry you have to have one, but better than losing a leg. =) Praying for your quick recovery!

  3. Tony - instead of carrying a "purse" you might have needed live maggots to suck out & clean up your wound. Now that's creepy but doctors do use them to help heal stubborn wounds! Your most recent pictures look pretty good. I see a lot of improvement.

  4. I guess I should have written instructions for the decals. They do make the boot look faster (in reverse) DORK!
    I'm glad to hear the Closer has a plan for the termination of that wound. "Hasta la vista" jerk wound!
    I'll see if I can find some manly decals for your purse. Dad

  5. I think for inspiration you should carry your device in a new snowboarding sling bag thing. Then when you're all healed you already have the new bag to take with you on the slopes. Or maybe the stickers on the purse is a better idea...
    Either way, this healing is gonna happen, just slower than you like. We love you, keep up the positive thoughts!! OOOh...just had a thought, leeches and peanut butter. Gross!

  6. Tony, We use Vac dressings alot and they work well. This may be the ass kick your ankle needs. Spoke with Kathy recently...they missed you guys on the fishing trip. Hey Brooke, Kathy needed help reeling one in. Too bad Capitals. Go Penguins!!!!!! MA