Friday, August 20, 2010

A Visit From Ed

Our good friend Ed came by the apartment today. He's been doing a lot for us since my injury, including taking me to work every day since April. He brought me quite a large group of books to read while I'm out. He also brought my Dad some beer and Brooke some wine.

While Ed is extremely short and old, he's still a great friend. Every morning he'd have coffee ready for me in the car. Last week, when it was raining like crazy, he got out of his car to bring an umbrella since it's impossible for me to carry one while crutching. Unfortunately, the umbrella was useless in the horizontal rain. Instead, we opted for going without it and spent the entire day at work in soaking wet clothes.

We brainstormed on ideas for installing extra features onto my hardware, such as a cup holder, bottle opener, or wind turbine for green energy. If you have any ideas, pass them along.


  1. Tell Ed thanks for being so gracious in taking care of you...I know he must be a special person to be able to put up with you and your stellar personality. Maybe he should consume that beer and wine if he has to put up with you for any longer!! Love and kisses, Rachel

  2. I like the bottle opener idea.

    Do you think if you magnetized your hardware and wrapped your crutches in coiled copper wire that you might be able to generate electricity when you crutch around?