Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Discharge Time

No Internet blog is complete without a picture of my bruised backside. I've been saying this for years. If you have a blog, then today is your lucky day. Here is a picture of my station wagon. Don't be jealous when my butt goes viral.

You can see the white bandage covering the small incision site above my left iliac crest. This amount of bruising is normal for this type of procedure, or so I'm told. Dr. Buchanan had to remove bone in addition to the marrow in order to successfully fill in the fracture gaps in my superman ankle.

Josie is coming by around 4PM to get my discharge paperwork processed and to take look at my dressing. There's a lot of blood pooled at the bottom of my leg, so we need to make sure it's in good shape before hanging out at home for a week.

I'd say this was a successful hospital stay. I've only had to take two Percosets today along with 2mg of IV Dilaudid. That bodes well for pain management at home.

Thank you to everyone that came by the hospital to visit us! You've taken a huge lead over everyone else in the Visit Tony Competition: The Bad Ankle Returns.
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  1. that's the most color I've seen on you for months! Can't believe it's not blue/gold. Love you! Aunt Donna

  2. Hey hombre, hopefully you're in a cab on your way home now...with some poor driver hoping you keep your fluids off his seat.