Monday, August 30, 2010

Snowboarder vs. Brett Favre

For those of you that follow the NFL, you know that Brett Favre has already had three surgeries on his left ankle. While the Iron Man of the NFL may hold the most consecutive starts record, he barely ties me in the ankle operations category (presently this record is not officially tracked by the NFL Records Office). Brett's most recent operation in May was to remove bits and pieces from several bone spurs.

From this article by Peter King in Sports Illustrated today,
Noted orthopedist Dr. James Andrews did the most recent surgery May 22..."They took out a cup full of stuff -- bone and all these other loose bodies," Brett Favre said Saturday night. "Deanna watched and told me, 'If you don't feel a lot better, I'll be shocked.' "
Brett called his last surgery a "grease fitting." I might have to get my own grease fittings in the future.

The quarterback that preceded Brett, Don Majkowski, went out of a Packers game in 1992 with a torn ankle ligament. Brett filed in his spot and started every single game after that injury until 2007.

I found out today from The Professor, John Clayton, that Don Majkowski had three surgeries on his ankle to treat bone spurs while he was in the NFL (like Brett, Don was only able to tie my record while he was a player). He had eight more operations after he retired and ended up with an ankle fusion.

Favre and I potentially face the same fate as Don. This puts us in an elite, select, special group of top American athletes that have suffered injuries due to the sports we love. After my fourth surgery three months from now, I'll be leading Brett Favre in the ankle surgery category. I'm pretty pumped about that.

Might need to make a t-shirt.

My appointment to see Dr. Buchanan has been moved up to tomorrow in order to take a look at the pin site. I looked at it today and noticed a significant improvement in its appearance. But it's still better to take every precaution this time around, so I'm glad I'm going in a day earlier.

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