Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Blog Thing

My nephews sent us some fantastic drawings recreating events from the last six months. Here's a drawing from Jacob.

It says, "To Uncle Tony and Aunt Brooke, Hey dudes, sorry about your ankle. If you want me to I will send you more letters. Just tell us on your blog thing."

Jacob and Joshua, please send your totally awesome aunt and uncle more letters and pictures.

In fact, we have a request. Hey, don't roll your eyes at me, Jacob! This is going to rock your face off.

Could one of you please draw a picture of my favorite baseball team, The Washington Nationals, actually winning a game? I can't remember the last time any of us in our nation's capital saw this happen.

We were also hoping you could create mini versions of yourselves and your Mom on some construction paper for your Dad to take with him when he visits us later this month. That way your mini-me's can be with us in the pictures we take together! It will be like the entire family is here.

Speaking of family visits, the line up for the next month can't get much better. My Dad arrived from Tulsa on Sunday. My aunt Kathy and Mary Ann roll in at the end of the week along with my cousin, Sam. They're coming in from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At the end of next week, Brooke's parents, my Mom and my brother come up from Oklahoma.

We're very happy our family is coming up here to see us. Unfortunately, I'll be unable to travel for a while, which means we'll miss my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary in September. Their marriage existed before the Internet, which means they won't see this blog post unless my Mom prints it out for them.
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  1. Don't forget - Ulrika and I will be visiting you in January! ;-)