Monday, August 16, 2010

Go Time!

Thanks again for all the best wishes. I'm looking forward to three days of gross food, constant interruptions, and vast quantities of narcotics -- plus more external fixators than I could ever dream of.

If I can, I'll make another post just before I go in. Otherwise, I'll update the blog later this evening once I'm awake.


  1. Good luck Tony. I'm sure you'll do well, looking forward to seeing the new external fixator.

  2. Been thinking about you all day.. Praying for you and Brooke and for this to be the Finnnnal surgery... & minimal pain! Luv you guyz!

  3. Tony, do what your dad know daddy's know best. LOL.
    Seriously, take care and get well soon.
    Friends of your parents,
    Sharon & Dwayne