Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Day At Work

Today was the last day at work for about a month or so. While I'm out, Dippy Bird, pictured here, is going to take my place again. If you don't know about Dippy, he basically just dips. That's it. While it doesn't seem like a lot, it's more than I've ever done. So I left work in good hands. Hopefully he'll have more adventures while I'm out.

After work, the old guy that's been giving me rides since April, Ed, decided it was time to go to Ramshead for a few needed beers. We hung out with some friends from work and discussed, among other things, my new adventure. While I'm at home doing nothing, I've decided to start a new company to develop Android and iPhone apps. I'm open to suggestions for the name of my company -- which will probably fail. It's really meant to be a learning experience more than anything else. I'll be sure to keep you all up to date on it, because, I'll have nothing else to do.

A friend of mine today asked if I'd be blogging from the hospital. You bet! But he didn't stop there. He asked if my anesthesiologist would be able to give me just enough anesthesia to keep me awake during the surgery so I could blog during the procedure. As you can see, a significant portion of my friends are ridiculous.

Let's review what gifts I've received since I've been injured from my ridiculous friends:
- Twister, Operation, and a bell to ring to get Brooke's attention
- DVDs from the early 1980s
- Two CDs of the well known and popular band, Physical Therapy
- Fake mustaches
- Underwear that you wear on your head

We also got a new camera since our current setup is extremely old. I took this picture of Brooke and just noticed that I was browsing There's no avoiding it -- even when I try not to be, I'm certified Geek Squad dorky.

The ankle is looking pretty good. This was taken just after being up on it all day. Notice the unique curvature in the new ankle joint just an inch or so above the joint. Do you know anyone else that's ever had a broken ankle for longer than six months?

Me neither.

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  1. Hi, I'm from Italy and I've been reading your blog for a while now.
    Yes, I now someone who's had his ankle broken for more than six months, me ! :-)
    I broke my distal tibia and fibula in the end of September 2012 and the fracture is still not completely repaired. In fact, until March 2013 the xrays were exactly the same as the day after the accident. This was caused by the vascular problems I suffered from the trauma.
    I've had two external fixators, a linear one for two weeks and an Ilizarov from October 2012, and a total of 6 surgeries.
    Luckily, the last xrays and CT were good and my surgeon thinks that I will have my ex fix removed in June.
    Your blog has been an inspiration for me, expecially in dealing with an external fixator for so many months.
    I totally agree on your decision on getting an amputation, I would do the same to return to an active lifestyle.
    I hope that one day I will read a post on this blog in which you will be pictured in front of a white background with a board at your feet.

    Greetings from Italy,