Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My first follow-up after last Monday's surgery was today. Here are the x-rays we took. It's difficult to see the main fracture site at my tibia, but you can make out the broken screw ends left behind as well as the holes in my bones.

The alignment is awesome. All of the pins going through my leg are hidden behind the metal rings.


  1. hi tony, i'm georgette, good friend and work partner of mary ann. I was an ortho surgeon asst for 10 plus years. I saw your previous films and after this surgery in aug. your joint line and fixation look phenomanal.keep spirits up and god bless...... so it's almost 5am just finished up a few cases and getting ready to do another @ 6am but wanted george to tell you what she thought. she is an awesome tech especially ortho. love,MA

  2. Thanks for the support, Georgette! Also, it was good to see you again MA! Hopefully once we get this all fixed up we can come up and see you and your new land soon.