Friday, September 17, 2010

Where'd My Kicker Go?

If you can make it one month without hitting your ankle on something while crutching, you've accomplished something. If you can go one month with a bear trap installed without hitting your ankle, well, then you've really accomplished something.

Today I hit my ankle on a few things. I stood my crutches up against a cabinet at work lazily. They slid down and made a perfect impact with the bear trap. Surprisingly, it hurt. A few minutes later, I hit it again on the desk. A third time when I got home.

Needless to say, I experienced a bit of pain tonight. Pain pills take care of business, but hopefully this external fixator has done it's job and continued to stabilize the situation. The good news is I have no pain in my ankle. It's all in the pin sites.

The distal pin site on the tibia looks much better now. I cannot see my tibia bone anymore when I move the skin. I took some time to pick off the cement formed from the iodozorb ointment.

The proximal pin site is also coming along. I was able to get rid of most of the grossness.

It's still got some healing to do.

I'm really looking forward to heli-snowboarding. What I need to do is prepare and, unlike this guy, keep in mind that my snowboard is not an FAA approved device for flying.

I'm in a fantasy football league with some friends from work. One of the older guys I work with, let's call him, Gil, forgot that he dropped his kicker from his team. A day later, he posted to the league forum to ask what had happened.

That's where I got the title of the post from. A mind's a terrible thing to waste, but it can be hilarious to watch it happen. We got him a package of adult diapers a few months ago for his birthday. Hopefully he doesn't forget to use them.


  1. Two GOOD things about heli-snowboarding. At that altitude trees don't grow and there are fewer skiers. Dad

  2. I like your dad. -otter

  3. You work with a lot of old people - first Ed, now Gil, or let's just call them Ed and Gil...
    Hang Tough!