Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Pictures

Mom asked for some pictures of us. Apparently, EVERYONE that visited us over the last month mostly took pictures of Spunky. She somehow managed to make it into three of these.

No, Spunky. You are not human.

Notice the motion blur of the tail.

No, Spunky. There is no food up my brother's nose. That shirt says, "Don't Hate the 918." Please, under no circumstances, do not hate the 918.

I'm sure Spunky is just out of frame.

I could take him. Easy.

1 comment:

  1. Tony, Here are ten reasons why I wouldn't fight you.
    1. Mom handles my light work.
    2. She would also kill me if you got hurt.
    3. Not wanting to say," Don't make me come up there!!"
    4. Laughing at your fancy crutch work instead fancy foot work.
    5. Putting a dent in one of our pieces of metal.
    6. I could get arrested for child abuse.
    7. The chance of you getting another external fixator, on the left foot.
    8. My sisters kicking my butt for hurting their nephew.
    9. Not wanting to burden Brooke with another broken extremity.
    10. Not wanting to see my son turn into a whimp at the sight of blood.
    11. Because I love you. Dad