Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Powder at Portillo, Chile

Next on my list of potential mountains is in Portillo, Chile. While they too have heli-skiing opportunities, this video convinced me without a single helicopter. The gigantic dog helped, too.

The main appeal to places like this is fewer crowds and ample amounts of powder. Chris Davenport's explanation toward the end of the movie applies to just about every mountain I've been to. (Sorry, Snowshoe, but you're an awful mountain.)

Back in college, my friend Ken and I decided to climb to the top of Peak 8 at Breckenridge. It's about 13,000 feet once you get up there. The view was awesome.

How's the leg? Let's look.

Spunky agrees. It's fine.

Pin sites look good. This might be the best pin picture I've taken. It's worth clicking on and enlarging to see how close I was able to get the image to focus.

The pelvic incision has healed and left a radical scar. The sutures dissolved on their own.

My atrophy is still epic. I decided today to measure it with a common household item. Beer.

Here's my left calf. It's basically as wide as a beer can.

Here's the calf that hasn't been used since February 13th. It's going to be a while before he's back to beer can shape.

Dr. Buchanan just had a kid (congrats!), so I'll be seeing Dr. Borden on Thursday. Dr. Borden will send the X-Rays home to Dr. Buchanan so he can take a look at them and get back to us if there are any concerns.


  1. Wow, I feel honored to have gotten a shout-out in the blog for climbing Peak 8! It's too bad that Andy and Sean weren't man enough to climb the mountain with us - I think they would have really enjoyed it if they would have just toughed it out.
    Also, did you realize that Norway invented both skiing AND helicopters*??? What better place to go heli-skiing or heli-boarding than here?

    *Note Helicopters were most likely not invented in Norway; skiing was though

  2. Ken, I've been looking into Norway skiing. How is Tamokfjellet sound? I'd be in if you are.

  3. As a Norwegian, I am talented enough to ski at Tamokfjellet, and ski well. I can't in good conscience take you there while you're in rehab mode. Maybe after you conquer the rockies, you can come over here to the big leagues