Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post Injury Domination

For the last eight months I've led a sedentary life on a couch maintaining a blog. When I tell people that I blog, I get a lot of looks like this.

It's almost the same look I get thrown at my new ankle hardware.

Team -- we need to turn it up a notch. We're due for some serious action items on an agenda of domination, post-ankle injury. Cue the Knight Rider theme song in another browser tab and leave it running. Don't already have it book marked? Here you go.

I need to press the crap out of the turbo boost button. Make up for lost time. Time to be a man who does not exist -- on a couch.

Real quick, how awesome is this theme song almost 30 years later?

Grow A Mustache. A Real One.

Along with the rest of the group, I tried to grow a for-real mustache during the snowboarding trip in February. It didn't even come close to working out.

Have they invented lip Rogaine yet?

Las Vegas

Every year we make an excuse to go to Las Vegas. Usually, it's because someone is getting married. I'm not sure who's on deck in 2011, but it needs to get figured out now. I was offered to attend this year's trip. In fact, I was guaranteed a scooter upon arrival. I thought my friends were being nice. Turns out they wanted to use me to carry beer and cut in lines.


Yep. Sorry, Mom, Dad, and Brooke, but this is happening. I'm getting a new board, one ticket to the top of a gigantic mountain via a helicopter, and some pizza.

Name one thing more awesome than heli-snowboarding? I challenge you.

What else goes on the agenda? I need input and ideas. Let's do this. Let's make it happen.


  1. How bout you and Brooky have kids? I know, not nearly as glamorous, but way more dangerous and definitely more exciting...then ya really want to throw yourself out of a helicopter!! heehee Love you, hope to see ya soon. BTW, your nephews think you are probably a better snowboarder than that red headed olympic guy. I'll go along with that. Rach

  2. Ride a snowboard down the side of the Luxor, while combing your mustache, while we play the Knight Rider theme song on loud speakers, FTW!

  3. OOO. OOO. I got another one. How bout you go on a 12 hour trek to find your wife whose trying to get home, in a blinding blizzard, in an old 4x4 with your dad, and all the roads are shut down...Oh, wait, you've already done that. Man, I thought that was a good one.

  4. I have had the knight rider theme song set for my alarm clock for several months now. -otter