Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Again

To undress, wash, and redress the ankle, I usually need to allocate about an hour of my time. As a result, I've been washing my ankle about twice a week. An unfortunate side effect of neglecting to wash the ankle is massive amounts of dead skin.

Yep, gross. This happened last time. It's awesome.

The pin sites actually look good. I had stuffed them with iodozorb a few weeks ago and needed to wash it out. If I move the skin around I can see bone. You should see it sometime.

The fibula scar is healing up just fine. No more staples.

Here's the tibia incision with the stitches removed.


  1. So what's the score with the visitor competition looking like? How about adding an equation to account for distance traveled? I'm thinking someone who lives in say, Oklahoma, should get an extra couple of points for making the trip. If someone happened to fly 6,000 miles, you may even catapult them into the lead. Just a thought.

    By the way, how's that bell doing?

  2. We implemented a new policy this time that says you can't win if your name is Alison or if you don't currently reside in America. American embassies, such as the one in, let's say, Egypt, does not count as America.