Wednesday, September 1, 2010

External Fixator vs. Dremel

One of our biggest concerns with this external fixator is that it's a swinging ball of death when I'm crutching around. It destroys our things by ripping them apart with its sharp metal prongs.

Yesterday, I got permission to take a Dremel to get rid of the sharp edges. This made me happy for several reasons:
  1. No more sharp swinging death
  2. My external fixator is now an at-home DIY project

I should have taken this opportunity to make an instructional home video instead of a really boring video of a piece of metal being filed down flat. But how many people out there watching this video actually have an external fixator? And of that small group, how many can safely own and operate a Dremel?

This was one of the 12 death prongs before I took a Dremel to it.

After some grinding, no more death spikes. It was kind of exciting to modify an extremely expensive and important piece of equipment, attached to my leg no less.

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