Monday, September 27, 2010

How The Mustache Was Invented

Blogspot recently started tracking statistics for the blog, including search keywords used to find this site on the Internet through I recently noticed a few interesting search keywords.

First, who did a Google search for, "how the mustache was invented," and found this blog? Were you disappointed with what you found?

Update: As it turns out, I'm sitting at position number 7 when you do this search. I'm proud that the website preview text asks who you are and whether you were disappointed.

I'll be honest, I have no idea how the mustache was invented. I'm flattered, though, that my blog came up for such an important question.

My best guess is someone grew facial hair, started shaving, but got too lazy before they could take care of the upper lip. Hopefully that one person comes back to this blog and reads this post. Because until this post, there was absolutely nothing on this blog that would help you figure out how the mustache was invented.

Do you really think it's an invention? I guess you're right, there was one guy that did it first. Every other guy that saw it was blown away by it. It was probably an overnight sensation.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid my blog cannot help you determine the method or technique used to invent the mustache. I'm sorry.

I'd also like to know who is doing a search for "" into instead of typing my website into their browser.

Mom, Dad, I'm looking in your direction.

Finally, who is searching for "skin cost?" What, exactly, are you looking for? Again, my blog has just about nothing to do with how much skin costs. Wait, I guess I did mention that the Apligraf costs about $5,000.

But still. Who are you? Why are you in the market for skin? I'm getting a little worried about you, Internet.


  1. You may be interested to know that, according to Google, 73 people worldwide search for 'how the mustache was invented' each month.

    No estimate for 'skin cost', unfortunately.

  2. Hey I didn't get a masters in computer science. But I was smart enough to buy someone their first computer. Dad

  3. Two comments:
    1) you should add cari's blog to your "blogs I follow" section, and you should start following it:

    2) I've been trying for several minutes now to google "blogspot snowboarder vs tree diarrhea" in order to trick google into thinking your blog is about diarrhea, so that if people google for diarrhea, your blog will come up. so far I'm not having much luck, but I'll keep trying.

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