Sunday, September 26, 2010

Charts and Graphs

Yesterday was Clarendon Day. Brooke and Crystal ran the 10k plus some extra for their marathon training. I did my duty and ate food at brunch after the race with friends. Thanks for the ride, Troy.

It was great to get out of the apartment and change up the day-to-day activity level. Let's take a look at my activities since February when I had my accident.

As you can see, I've not been able to dunk a basketball since February, nor have I been able to enjoy any of the other activities I was very good at prior to my accident. All of my time has been spent sitting on my butt.

Because I was on my crutches for so long yesterday, it also occurred to me that there are several situations when crutches are extremely useful.

For instance, my crutches have had 100 units of usefulness since having a broken ankle. While I don't have a broken face, I imagine crutches would not help improve this situation. Crutches are also a very good way to get someone you don't know to start talking to you. While crutches are very useful (50 units of usefulness) at annoying Spunky, they have yet to help my fantasy football game.

Trade me Drew Brees, or I add a new usefulness situation for crutches to my chart.

Because of all of the questions I got, I realized something about my injury. I'm not very good at fielding questions regarding the story -- mainly because it's too long to tell, and it makes me look like an idiot.

The questions were hilarious. I heard things ranging from, "is that a spiral fracture," to "do you have polio?" Seriously? Polio? This is America. There hasn't been a case of polio in America since the Redskins won a Super Bowl.

As you can plainly see from the graph, at a certain point, I started getting angry after each question. Interestingly enough, after about 20 questions, I stopped caring. There's nothing I can do about my ankle. Inquiring minds want to know what idiotic thing I did to cause me to wear a bear trap on my ankle.


  1. Ha, thanks for the graphs! I never would have been able to understand this data otherwise :)

  2. As a person who loves visual organizers, this post was so useful.

    Also, as a person who has actually had a broken face, I can validate your estimation of zero usefulness units. :)