Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Important Blog Update

The website, can confirm at this hour that our friend Laurel, introduced in the previous post, does indeed not enjoy close range Spunky farts (where "close range" is defined as 12 inches or less). While this is contrary to the current popular opinion and goes against what is trending on Twitter at this time, evidence has recently come to light to support this important and very relevant announcement.

The evidence: Spunky farted and woke Laurel up. Laurel got upset and called our dog stinky.

Further experiments will be necessary to calculate the degree of dog fart appreciation as the distance from dog butt to Laurel's face varies. Graphs and Excel workbooks will be in order and a peer reviewed paper discussing the outcomes must be completed before we can make our analysis official.

I am unfortunately up late due to a late night pain battle. The good news is we've finally gotten it back in control, but for a while there I would have taken anything over being in pain -- including close proximity Spunky farts.

1 comment:

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