Friday, August 19, 2011

The Hiccup Chronicles

The hiccups continue on. Don't laugh, but hiccups are worse than pain. I can't explain it, but try hiccuping every 30 seconds for about 20 hours straight.

I'm not sure how hiccups work, but the above diagram is supposed to shed some light on it. I called the surgeon's office today only to find out I'm the third young male in as many weeks to call in a few days after surgery complaining of hiccups.

Brooke asked that I request Thorazine, a prescription drug for hiccups, but the surgeon's office recommended -- believe it or not -- peanut butter.

Surprisingly, peanut butter gives me some relief for about an hour or so. I've gone through several spoon fulls so far. Hopefully this will end soon!

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