Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Much Fun, Let's Make It Two Nights

A nerve block is routinely used to limit the amount of pain the patient will experience during a procedure of the limb. All sensation to the limb is temporarily lost to guarantee the pain is controlled.

My block was just below the knee. I couldn't feel or move anything below it.

A nerve block is a lot like an NFL offensive lineman. When he starts out early in his career, nothing gets past him. But as he ages, he tends to miss linebackers blitzing down the A gap.

Unfortunately we had to stay another night at the hospital. My nerve block was playing a lot like the Washington Redskins. Once it wore off completely we had a battle on our hands.

A nerve block wearing off is completely expected. What's hard to judge is how well the oral meds will manage the pain once it has worn off.

At around 2 AM this morning we were able to catch up with the pain. The pain is tolerable now, but it still feels like I've got eight hot steak knives in my ankle.

We'll work with the doctors and nurses here to figure out the best combination of meds to take to get my defense ready for the next few weeks.

We're hopeful that today is our last day.

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