Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Running like its 2014

You've seen this apology before.  Guy creates blog.  Shows you gross pictures.  Then, like that, disappears.  Never to be heard from again.

I'm sorry.

I'm still here.  And I'm still dominating.

Last night, I ran over 5 miles in my new running leg.  From my apartment to the Washington Monument and back with my wife, Brooke.  We haven't run that far together since 2007.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing my life has been since I cut my leg off.  But I know that I need to take the time to document our lives in the last few months.  There are so many of us out there that need to know there's more for us after debilitating ankle pain.

So please stay tuned!


  1. "I cannot begin to tell you how amazing my life has been since I cut my leg off." Best blog sentence ever.

    I bet Brooke is thrilled to have you for a running partner as well as life partner. Hugs to you guys!!!

  2. Thank goodness you're back on your blog!
    After I shattered my right tibia one year ago you have been a touchstone of humor and hope.
    Please keep posting.

  3. Both of your stories give me hope. So great that you met up.

  4. I've been following your saga with interest. I'm in much the same boat as you, had a severe open class 3 pilon fracture in November 2012 after a fall from about 20 feet. Had hardware, got rid of hardware after an infection, huge external wound that took a year to heal, have had 4 external fixaters, a clinical non union that "seemed" to be improving, but it turned out that what looked good on xray turned out to be a fooler and it was more or less hollow in the middle. Have had 12 different surgeries, and now have bone graft and cadaver bones in my ankle. I rebroke my fibula last week while walking on uneven ground in my boot which caused the tibia that was not quite healed to move and rebreak. I've been pretty much in a wheelchair since the accident, and can walk maybe 5 minutes at a time--or I could until I rebroke the leg. I'm told that my only real two options now are fusion and amputation, and everyone is trying to talk me out of amputation--my preferred approach. Seeing your sentence about the best thing you ever did is giving me renewed enthusiasm for this approach.

  5. I just wanted to thank you for your candid blog. I stumbled upon it a few hours ago while waiting for some Norco to kick in and a Google search trying to determine what my ex-fix weighs brought me here. I've been reading for hours.

    I've had three major ankle surgeries over the past few years (let's not talk about my mysterious incision infection that landed me in the hospital with a surgically-installed wound vac...) and I was honestly surprised that this last one wasn't an elective BKA. I had a previous fusion revisited due to non-union and starting in a week or so will be doing a gradual tibial lengthening. Giving it the old college try since electively getting a leg lopped off when you're in the prime of your life (I'm 29) is a tough decision to get around.

    I did not brutally introduce my ankle to a tree, but congenital deformities and childhood corrective surgeries have left me in a similar stage-of-life slowdown when all I want to do is get out there, stir up some trouble and LIVE. Being taken down by arthritis pain during one of the most active decades in your life sucks! It's nice to read another's experience and see all the ups, downs and possibilities. And the very real realities that go along with being a human pincushion. Oh and a bonus tip? Equal parts room temperature prune juice and 7-Up. It tastes gratifyingly revolting but laughs in the face of narcotic constipation!

    So thank you for sharing pin care stories and pictures and laughs. Thank you for sharing that it is possible to get through to better days and that there is life after ankle pain.

    I don't know if this operation will be "the one" that gets me back up on my feet or if it'll be a BKA down the line, but my heart feels lighter for now. Thank you for everything you've shared!

    Now if only I could find a way to get comfortable sleeping on my back...

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