Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank You, Unknown Baby

Since I've returned from Colorado, we've averaged one visit a week to The Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Center in Arlington, VA. Everyone in the office is great. They've become friends over the last three months.

Dr. Borden today said she could tell what exam room we were in because of all of the laughing. We've always had a good time there, even with the complications and pain.

Onto my new foreskin. The transplant looked -- and smelled -- great. Dr. Borden couldn't stop cheering when she saw the progress. She said it was the fastest healing time she's ever seen. But to be fair, most of her patients are old, diabetic, and old.

It's difficult to tell I had a skin transplant. You can still see the wound underneath the new skin.

It's still covered by a layer of fiberglass-like material to protect it. That's why you see an odd imprint.

The fracture blister is still healing. Once this thing is healed, I'm going to have some amazing scars.

We go back in 12 days for another follow-up. At that time they'll tell me when I can start physical therapy.

So thanks, unknown baby, for fixing my wound. I sincerely appreciate your help.

Remember how gross this thing used to look?

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