Sunday, May 30, 2010

88 and Sunny

It's memorial day weekend and Brooke has to work every bit of it. That leaves me and Spunky to hang out. The weather here is awesome -- 88 and bright. So I decided to see what kind of mileage I could put on my ankle without any crutches.

I would have taken the mutt along for the ride, but I need to run an errand at CVS. Sorry, Spunk.

There was a dude walking in front of me with a cane. I thought about getting one at CVS, but I'm afraid it would slow down my recovery. You have to walk with the pain! Not sure why I took this picture. There are always a million people out in Chinatown.

The Navy Memorial is only half a mile from the apartment. With it being Memorial Day Weekend, I thought I'd drop by to pay my respects. That's the National Archives -- home of our Constitution -- in the background.

The sun is definitely out.

Lots of flowers and wreaths at the statue of the Navy dude. Spunky freaked out the first time she saw this guy.

I used to figure out how far I walked. It was just under a mile -- 0.90 miles to be exact. Not too bad. I was definitely feeling it towards the end, but I don't think I need a cane.

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