Monday, May 3, 2010

Installation Scheduled

The wound vacuum representative should arrive within the next few hours with a box. I was specifically instructed this morning by my nurse not to touch a thing. They really know me.

I'm scheduled to go in tomorrow morning, on Brooke's birthday, to have it installed with Dr. Borden. Back in February, I had to go in to have my fracture blister drained on my birthday.

What a way to celebrate our birthdays!

I saw Dr. Borden when we first discovered the infection and the wound. She works in the same office as Dr. Buchanan and specializes in wound care and podiatry. She's the only doctor I've met so far that thinks I shouldn't snowboard again. But that's not an official medial opinion.

This is what my right leg looks like after I've been up on it for about a minute. I'm color blind, but I know this is bright red. I still have to keep the leg up when I'm sitting to avoid edema build up.

Crystal made a rude comment on my last ankle picture.
"The most disturbing part of this picture is that your ankle appears to be about 2.5 quarters in width."
I was about to argue with her, but I think she has a point. The wound's location is about a half inch below this quarter on my right ankle.

Plus, you can't win arguments with Crystal.

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