Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adsense Nonsense

When I first put this blog together, I decided I'd try to see how much money I could make by displaying Google Ads.

It wasn't much. The gross pictures of my accident only earned a few cents a day. To date, I've made $17.34.

Barring any unforeseen surgeries or accidents, I only have a few more months to go with my recovery. So imagine my surprise when I read Google's fine print, "There are several earnings thresholds that impact whether you're eligible to be paid for your AdSense earnings."

The threshold is $100 before I'll ever get paid. Unless I make a habit of breaking my ankle every four months, there's no way I'm achieving that goal.

But maybe I can reach that goal without more bodily injury. Google sent me a $100 gift certificate for purchasing text ads. I'm just not sure what the text ad would say.
You searched for ski resorts. Idiot snowboards into tree. Breaks ankle. Click here to read boring blog.
So I submitted a link to this post to Reddit.com. If anyone can show Google what's up, it's people that read Reddit.com.


  1. I see you already have one 'up vote.'

  2. Have you considered making this blog and your personality less excruciatingly boring?

  3. Hey, I am a friend of Brooke's from work, have had 14 surgeries on ankles with external fixators, grafts, etc. Thank you for sharing all of this. Your blog is awesome and brings back a lot of memories. It is nice to see how far you've come. Keep up the good work - have you lost your crutches/cane on the other side of room/left them in the car yet? Those are some of my funnier recent memories. I remember propping my cane up against a tree before a Saints game in New Orleans...found it at the post-game celebration party!