Friday, April 9, 2010

Ankle Update

Believe it or not, I didn't faint after taking this picture. I can remove my wound dressings without going pale. It's probably because my top incision is covered and the wounds on each side of my ankle look a little better each day.

Much of the edema in my foot is gone now. However, you can still see it in my ankle. That's why it's so lumpy. At least, I'm hoping that's why it's so lumpy. Could you imagine if this is what my ankle looks like now?

My toe bruise is getting better. My ankle does not bend upward beyond 90 degrees, so when I'm in my boot, there's a lot of pressure on this part of my foot. Hence, the bruise. As my flexibility increases, this pressure should go away. But it's still there. It usually hurts the worst at night.

The wounds on the right part of my ankle are almost gone. I think all of the swelling and edema, as well as these two wounds, will make my scar look gnarly in a few more weeks. It's hard to see it now with all of the fluid.

It's April 9th. I had my second surgery on March 1st. That's six weeks. What is this thing?

Heal already!

I poked this red thing with a q-tip and it's some kind of fatty tissue sticking out of a hole. You can plainly see that the two holes above it healed just fine. But for some reason, this guy wants to hang around.

Check out the bottom of my heel. The darker skin is all dead. Gross.

When I'm done washing my leg and cleaning the wounds, I had to cover it back up with this orthopaedic sock. I was reusing the same one each time. I thought that was nasty, so I went online and bought more.

Twenty five yards more.

That might have been a bit much, but I plan on snowboarding for several years. I'll just keep it for next time.

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