Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Day Before You Find Out

Tomorrow I find out what the next few weeks will look like.
  1. The drugs worked. Wait a month for the wound to heal before starting physical therapy.
  2. The drugs didn't work. Here are new ones.
  3. The drugs didn't work. You have MRSA. Check into a hospital and get IV antibiotics.
  4. The drugs didn't work. Check into a hospital and have a surgery to clean out the infection.
  5. The drugs didn't work. You have infected hardware. Check into a hospital and get new hardware. Re-experience the last two months. Maybe start a blog.
  6. The drugs didn't work. Give us your foot. It's no longer useful to you.
I'm really hoping for option one. The rest of them aren't as fun. But let's say I do lose my foot. That means, I'm guessing, that I get to skip a lot of my physical therapy.

So while I wait, I thought I'd post videos of my original CT scans, just hours after I hit a tree on a snowboard.


  1. Hoping for #1! Everyone's pulling for you. We miss you at work -- good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Good luck, Tony! Praying for #1!!

  3. Here's how positive I'm thinking. Drugs worked,wound almost healed and start DIY Physical Therapy again. Go to PT in one to two weeks.
    You and Brooke are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love Dad

  4. #1! #1! #1!

    All four of us are sending all kinds of positive thoughts across the pond. I even took a photo of Kate holding up one finger. Can't post it on a comment though. Dang.

  5. OH Man, Tony! I hadn't checked your blog in a while and I'm so sorry about what I am reading. You posted this yesterday so hopefully you are getting good news right now......I will be praying for you today!