Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a bunch of our friends over today to color eggs. I took my egg and put one of my external fixator screws in it. Crystal took a picture so when I get it I'll post it up here. No one wanted to eat the egg after my tibia screw had been in it.

Totally understandable.

I also got an Easter gift basket from my Aunt Mary Ann. Among the chocolate hockey puck and players, I got this great wash rag. Our Penguins vs. Capitals war continues.

Today was also my first day to try showering with the leg without anything on it. I took it nice and slow to avoid the fainting. I got to the bed, and I even cut off the wound wrapping myself. This was the first time I've looked at the wounds and didn't get sick, so I think they're healing nicely.

I also have pretty bad fluid build up in my foot. It looks like a balloon. This is due to a few things. I had a tight wound wrapping around my ankle. The foot was at 90 degrees for the first time in a while. And I've been up on the ankle much more than I used to.

You can see how a lot of the fluid is building up on the right side of my foot. That's the side I tend to prefer while I sleep. My top incision from my second surgery is now covered with skin colored steri-strips. These pull each side of the incision together to ensure it heals together correctly. It also makes it look like I have really dry skin.

I do.

Check that bad boy out! That is some serious dry skin. This was taken before the shower.

Here's the right side of the foot. You can see the fluid build up. But the wounds look amazing. I was able to touch them without any pain. They just itch now.

The bottom hole here still drains, but it's getting smaller every day. I asked Brooke why I can't just throw on some Neosporin to make the cut heal faster. She explained that this is more like a puncture wound. It has to heal from the inside out.

When I get to do the dressing myself, I'll throw in some Neosporin.

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