Friday, April 23, 2010

DC Is Out Of Peanut Butter

We found out yesterday that there isn't a pharmacy within 25 miles that has iodosorb ointment in stock. It won't be in until Monday at the earliest.

Without it, we couldn't do a dressing change for a few days. This morning, I woke up to some intense pain. I sleep in the boot, so I took my leg out to take a gander. Sure enough, I was bleeding out of the wound and through the tape.

I figured it was time to change the dressing. I called the doctor's office and they recommended we use America's gel.

Here's a look at the foot and ankle. You can see a lot of the swelling is gone. That's partly due to no more infection and a good tape job. I expect it will build back up.

I've developed a pressure ulcer on the bottom of the big toe because of the boot. It's not really getting any better, so I'm wearing a toe cap. All of the other toes are making fun of it.

The wound is still deep, but it's healed quite a bit since Wednesday. You can't see the tendon anymore. The opening is a lot bigger than before, but I think that was going to happen eventually. Brooke said it was good that it looked like ground beef. I don't think there was much beef in it on Wednesday.

There's my nurse wife, about to apply the American gel.

There's my pressure blister. It's disgusting. Hopefully the toe cap will allow it to get better.


  1. Let the little weasels make fun of the Big Toe. When it's better it'll kick their butts one at time.

  2. Were you able to get more peanut butter ointment? If not - we could try & get it for you here & ship it to you. Mom & Dad