Monday, June 24, 2013

Stump Update. It's a Stumpdate. #NSFT

Here's a quick update on the leg.  Our home nurse, Chichi, dropped by today to change the dressing.  I did a terrible job with the camera, so I don't have many good pictures.  I was so excited to see the leg.  It's like unwrapping a Christmas present each time we get to see it.  

That's weird, right?

Both Brooke and our home nurse, Chinyere (Chichi), have apparently been paying extra attention to a spot on my incision that lost its scab.  They want to make sure it doesn't develop into anything we need to worry about.  Of course, neither one of them told me they were doing this until today.  Because I'm a worrier.

Smart nurses.

I didn't grab a good picture of the area they're monitoring.  It's the top of the incision here without any black scabs.  I would have had better pictures had they told me they were paying closer attention to it.  We compared pictures of the incision over the last three days and noticed that it's approximating.  This is a good indicator that the incision is healing perfectly.

I had a little bit of draining today, but it was very clear and only a small amount.  Absolutely no sign of infection.  Brooke told me that the incision actually looked worse three days ago than it did today.

I'm very curious about this hole on the lateral side of the stump with two sutures hanging out of it.  It looks like small fishing line.  At first, both Brooke and Chichi thought it was just leg hair.  Upon closer inspection we believe it's a suture to some deeper tissues under the skin.  Stay tuned to find out what happens when we pull the cord on this guy!

All in all the stump continues to look good.  And while it felt good, I'm starting to develop phantom limb pain.  The nerve pain was worse today.  It's all a part of the healing process and it isn't something I'm worried about.  The Neurontin seems to do a great job controlling it.  When I get into a prosthesis I fully expect most of this nerve pain to dissipate.

Our next look at the incision will be Wednesday.


  1. Stumpdate. You kill me.

    Glad your incision looks so great! I had no idea that scab = good, lack of scab = bad. I also have no idea what it means that your incision is "approximating." Going to google that now.