Sunday, June 30, 2013

Appointment with Dr. Attinger Tomorrow

Amputee thank you cookies!

Tomorrow morning is our first follow-up appointment with Dr. Attinger and his team at Georgetown University Hospital.  The objective?  Look at the stump.  We'll likely get x-rays, remove a couple of sutures (which I will record, of course), and determine whether I'm still on target for that August 1st inaugural walk with a new leg.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is finally getting my hands on the pictures that were taken at key moments during my amputation.  One of Dr. Attinger's residents was equally pumped about the shots he got when he described them to us during one of our dressing changes at the hospital.  The blog post with these pictures will more than likely not be safe for Troy (#NSFT).  

If all goes well, I'll get these pictures, along with detailed descriptions, on the blog tomorrow evening.

Brooke ran in the rain and then got her bake on.  She rocks.

Since this is our first return trip to the hospital, Brooke and I are working on a gift basket for the nurses and other awesome caretakers.  We're using the one-legged cookie cutter we got from the leg's going away party to bake some cookies for the small group that took care of me during my stay.

It's become a tradition that after each surgery I create Thank You cards for everyone that's provided awesome support to us during the recovery.  The rest of my evening will be spent writing notes to the nurses, doctors, nurse techs and aides.

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