Monday, June 3, 2013

Game On!

This scene from Wayne's World was going through my head all day.

The amputation was approved this morning by my insurance company.  We're cutting the leg off next Friday.  GAME ON!

What an anxious month May turned out to be!  I apologize for my radio silence, but I had no idea if the amputation was going down or not.  And I try to avoid writing when I'm anxious or pessimistic.  

Elliot told me insurance fights will be the most frustrating part of my life as an amputee.  I thought I was prepared for the stress of an insurance battle.  I was not.  I waited for one person to decide my fate.  I will never meet this person.  I will never talk to this person.  I have no idea who this person is or what his medical background is.  I waited for him to decide whether he thinks amputation will get my life back.

Fortunately, it all worked out.  The medical director agreed, so my insurance agreed.  And we're going to be minus one leg in two weeks.

As it turns out, the denial by my insurance was in all likelihood just a formality.  Because Dr. Attinger didn't have my entire medical history, he didn't ask for the pre-determination of the amputation with sufficient documentation.  After his peer-to-peer conversation with the medical director, Dr. Attinger agreed that we needed more documentation before my insurance could approve the operation.

The insurance approval process was a distraction from the surreal thought that I've had a right leg for 31 years and won't in two weeks.  I'll spend the next two weeks trying to write about how I'm preparing for the surgery and dealing with the anxiety.  We got a new camera (Nikon D5200) to help document the whole process, which will probably go into 2014.  I'm really excited and nervous!  Can't wait to get started.


  1. I can't imagine what a tense month this was for you. So glad you're moving forward as you'd hoped! It's about time you got your life back, my friend.

  2. Good to hear things are moving along! I wish you all the luck in the world!!!