Friday, November 5, 2010

Top Three

I forgot to mention this. Wednesday, I jokingly asked Dr. Buchanan if I could return to dominating the slopes and avoiding trees this Winter. While he said that was a poor idea, he did suggest that I might be ready as early as Spring.

This is probably what I looked like when I heard there's a chance I could be back on a snowboard by March.

Now I've got to start focusing on getting back in shape. Turns out that if all you do for 10 months is sit on a couch without walking, you become ambiguously shaped, lethargic, and unsuitable for multiple 8-hour days of continuous snowboarding.

That's a slight exaggeration. I have been doing quite a bit of crutching, although the furthest I've gone without rest was three quarters of a mile. Thanks to Phil and Lauren, I'm also the proud owner of one Shake Weight for dudes.

I'll probably need to re-read the chapter about snowboarding safety before I get off of my first chair lift of 2011.

No word from the doctor's office about when the external fixator comes off. I'll call them on Monday to see what's up.

Here are the top three things I enjoyed about wearing an external fixator:

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