Thursday, November 11, 2010

Like A Boss!

Put it in full screen and HD mode to make it seem like you were there.

Thank you, Dr. Buchanan, for making this quick and as painless as possible. I especially appreciated that you left the drill out of the room until it was needed. Nice work.

So how does it feel to have pins pulled and drilled out of your bones? The skinny pins didn't hurt at all. I had hit the external fixator on enough objects over the last three months to make them extremely loose.

However, removing the two threaded pins hurt, especially after they were removed. It still hurts just a bit even a day later.

I'm extremely pleased with opting out of surgery. We would have waited in the hospital for hours for a 5 minute procedure. Then we would have stayed in the hospital for several more hours while I recovered from the anesthetic. This was a much better option.


  1. You are da man!!!! I noticed the doc just jumped right in there on the last two...the element of surprise may have been the trick!! That was awesome. Now, keep up the healing!

  2. I don't know that I should watch this while I eat a bowl of chili. I'll wait a couple of hours, to cut down the risk...

  3. WOW. That video is pretty wild stuff.

    Ella cried...and she only watched the first 35 seconds before we shut it off. She will probably have nightmares involving your external fixator. You may have scarred her for life.

    Happy healing, Tony!

    P.S. I can't believe we even started that video with a three-year-old in the room. What kind of parents are we?!

  4. Tony, That was awesome!!!!!!! I really enjoyed that. Smart move not going to the OR for bear trap removal. Love you both. MA

  5. ive seen your video a couple of times on youtube... now im reading your blog!

  6. ive seen your video a couple of times on youtube... now im reading your blog!