Monday, November 15, 2010

Hilarious Ankle Pain

The ankle and foot pain has been bothering me quite a bit when I move it. I've started to take some of my prescription pain medication at night to help me while I try to rehab my ankle myself, but I only have a few pills left and they're probably too strong. I was hoping use up the rest of my prescription while I went to physical therapy, but it looks like I'll need to contact the doctor's office tomorrow to see what we should do. I'm looking forward to and dreading physical therapy.

I think most of the pain I'm experiencing is "good" pain. I don't have any throbbing pain in my tibia and my fibula pain is very slight. The ankle joint is very rigid and painful. When I stretch it out, I get about 6 or 7 loud pops. Fortunately, I can bear weight relatively pain free if I don't move. Once I get into a walking motion, the pain gets pretty intense.

Now I'll stop whining about my ankle and tell you about the sweet measurements we just did. We took a tape measure to my calves and my bicep. The left calf was 16 inches in diameter. My right bicep is 14. My right calf was 12. Awesome!

The two large holes are healing nicely. It's amazing what a few showers will do for the condition of my skin.

I decided to take a quick video of my flexibility so I could have something for comparison later on in my recovery. Not a whole lot going on yet.


  1. The flexibility looks fantastic for a foot that hasn't moved in 80 days! I think the video needs music or sound affects. See if you can find a computer scientist who could help you with that. Sorry you're having some pain and hope it will decrease as you improve. Love Dad

  2. You'll be happy to have something to compare your progress to...good thinkin'. The skin definitely looks better, thought you could use a SOS pad or something to get that nastiness off. Much prettier today. Love you and so glad your cage is off. Happy healing. The boys and I are praying for you. Love you. Tell Brooky, we are praying for her in the marathon too!!

  3. After I my motorbike accident, I spent a lot of time with my physiotherapist and it really sped up my recovery.

    Good luck with your recovery!