Monday, July 19, 2010

Optimus Prime Fights Pressure Ulcer

Although it's a pretty sweet name, any real American knows that Pressure Ulcer wasn't a Transformer. But Optimus Prime is currently dominating the pressure ulcer under my big toe (the leader of the toes).

It was either this or Hello Kitty band-aids. The choice was obvious.

The ankle is struggling a little bit. I worked out yesterday on the stationary bike and the elliptical machine. Today I've had really bad soreness over my tibia -- enough to put me back on crutches. Hopefully some rest and Ibuprofen will take care of the pain. Physical therapy should be awesome tomorrow if this continues.

Spunky discovered a new bed making technique. By turning her bed into a sandwich, she's able to get some pillow action going. Pretty smart move for a dumb dog.


  1. Good choice, but I still think you're more of a Hello Kitty guy.

  2. It's said that a persons dog is a reflection of their owner. I don't believe it. Spunky smarter. Dad

  3. I think Spunky is smart and adorable!