Monday, July 26, 2010

Check-Up Week Has Arrived

This picture in no way relates to this post, but I had to bring up something I saw while watching the A-Team.

First, the bad guys are trying to take out Mr. T. Rocky Balboa is the only man that's ever done it, and it took him two tries. Second, they're taking shelter behind cardboard. The bad guys were receiving heavy fire, so they made a smart decision to seek out shelter. Unfortunately, they chose cardboard.

I see my orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday after a six week hiatus. I'm assuming I'll get new X-Rays to see how I've progressed. My last X-Ray was from late April (below). As you can see, my fibula had not healed. I'm hoping that gap has closed, otherwise I might need more surgery to fix it.

Another issue that's come up: the two screws sticking out of my tibia might make wearing a snowboarding boot extremely painful. My physical therapist recommended that I look into a custom boot that relieves some of the pressure over that area. I'm going to bring this up on Wednesday.

This past week was one of the hardest weeks I've had in a long time. I could barely walk with a cane. The swelling and edema was pretty awful.

All of this pain doesn't change my snowboarding plan -- this guy is still going in February, pain or not.


  1. Good Luck Wednesday!

  2. dang man. just don't hurt yourself even worse!